Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Nice Little Sunday

So Pat, Matthew and I had ourselves a nice little Sunday. When we woke up there was a steady rain outside, which is definitely not the standard in New Mexico. Pat and I had breakfast and drank our coffee while Matthew played in his bouncy chair. Matthew was able to take a little nap this morning, and I took that time to work on my imitation "Lucy Bag." I'd say I'm about half-way done now.

After Matt woke up we drove to Espanola, a town about 25 minutes away, to have lunch and go to Walmart. Now, usually I absolutely HATE going to Walmart, but since I've had Matthew I'm just so excited to get out of the house that even the thought of Walmart sounded exciting! For those of you who haven't had a baby yet, your perspectice certainly changes in ways no one can prepare you for! Matthew was a good boy the whole time and slept on the way home.

We also took a family walk today. The naughty dogs came and now have mud all over the lower half of their bodies. They remind me of the show I saw about hippos on PBS this morning. Did anyone know that the dominant male hippo is called the "beach master?"

I'm on my way through cyberspace to purchase some Options needles from Knitpicks. I've heard mixed reviews on them, so I hope they work out. I love the Addi Turbos I have, but they're just so expensive. I'm sure that I'll purchase some new yarn to go along with the needles. :)

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