Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Page

After much consideration, I have decided to create a new blog. Thoughts During Walks has been a wonderful place for me to share my ideas and projects, what's going on with my family, keep up with friends, and make new ones.

Like me, Thoughts During Walks has evolved. It started as a crafting blog when Matthew was just a couple months old. Yes, I was busy with an infant, but I did have time to do quite a bit of crafting. Now, with two young children, I am busier than I thought I'd ever be! When I do have a couple moments to myself, I am often torn between reading, crafting, catching up on email, blogging, sleeping, and the list goes on. I have often felt pressure to create in order to have a subject for a post, which for me, is not a pressure that I like.

So, I started a new blog, one that I have been excited about and enjoy posting on. Contentedly Home will be in some ways much more personal, but in other ways not as personal as Thoughts During Walks has been. My focus will be on finding joys in the home, however small, and being at peace with this season of my life. There will be a spiritual aspect, and it will have more of a personal journaling feel. I will still blog about crafting, as it is something that is very important to me, but without the feeling of pressure. My children will still make their appearance at times, but far less often (mostly for security reasons).

Please join me in my new little space at! I cherish the friends I have made through this blog and hope to keep in touch. :)

Most sincerely,