Sunday, December 27, 2009


A very merry, belated Christmas to all! I've been so busy taking care of things here at home that I thought that I'd be completely out of the loop in the blogging world. It looks, however, like everyone has been taking a little time out from blogging as I have (and as it should be during the holidays).

I have many projects to post about in the coming weeks, but right now I'm letting the dust settle a bit. We've had several weeks of illnesses and late nights crafting, so right now I'm just trying to take it easy. I just wanted to be sure to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mini-stocking Advent Calendar

Last night I finally finished my last Advent calendar stocking. This has sure been a labor of love, and I'm happy to finally have it up! We awoke to snow this morning, and since the high temp today was 27 degrees F, the boys and I spent a lot of time inside. Matthew enjoyed helping me hang the stockings up, but I did shoo him outside for a little while to enjoy the snow while it lasted.

Advent Calendar Notes:
I used this miniature stocking pattern for all of the stockings. It was a great way to use up yarn from my stash since the pattern called for worsted weight yarn. It was fun for me to remember back to the projects I used each skein for before it became a "leftover." It was also interesting for me to find patterns in my color tastes: lots of jewel tones, as well as Christmas colors from last year's projects. Since I'm just not that much of a random person, there was some order to my stocking knitting: I made six variegated, six two-toned, six striped, and six solid-colored stockings. I ended up attaching them to a wide ribbon using buttons and ribbon attached to each stocking.

I'm fairly happy with how it all turned out, but I already know the improvements I want to make for next year. No, I'm not going to re-knit all twenty-four stockings, but I do want to find a more substantial ribbon to attach the buttons to. The ribbon I bought turned out to be very flimsy. I think that a velvet ribbon would add a bit more weight, or I may even sew a long, lined piece of holiday fabric. Also, I accidentally sewed twenty-three buttons on instead of twenty-four. Oops!