Thursday, September 13, 2007

Farmer's Market

This morning instead of our usual walk we went to the farmer's market. It's not a very big market, but there is still tons of delicious items to choose from. Right now I am eating a cinnamon roll bought there, and I have fresh flowers on the table. What could be better?

I usually buy a quiche each week from a baker vendor, but they're pretty expensive. So, I am contemplating baking my own quiche! I have made one before, but it took a very long time to bake, which is typical at high altitude (we're at about 7,000 feet). I would also like to start baking bread. A couple of years ago I spent a day at my Aunt Nancy's, and she showed me how to make whole-wheat bread. I have made it once since, but I think that I'll try it again. Perhaps this weekend?

Matthew is sleeping right now, but I did everything the experts say not to do: I nursed him to sleep, he's in our bed, and he's on his tummy. When he's on his tummy I do stay upstairs with him and check on him about every 5 minutes. Naptime is still a struggle for us, but he does seem to be getting better. When he was younger he would only sleep when being held, and he seemed to just catnap all day. Now he sleeps either in our bed or his cosleeper (we're trying to go to using the cosleeper exclusively) and can sleep for up to a couple hours. Being a mother is hard work, but it does seem to be getting easier every day. It has always been rewarding, however.

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