Monday, October 8, 2007

Yarn Festival

Yesterday Pat, Matthew and I drove to the annual Yarn Festival in Taos, New Mexico. On Saturday I said half-jokingly that I really wanted to go, and I was pleasantly surprised when Pat agreed! Taos is about an hour and a half away, so Matthew slept both on the way there and back. It was a beautiful New Mexico-mountain-fall day. The sun was shining, the leaves were starting to turn, and I was surrounded by yarn, my husband, and my son. Who could ask for anything better? I was able to pick up some untreated wool skeins from a company in Colorado as well as some local New Mexico alpaca hand-painted yarn. I don't know what I'll use the yarn for yet, but I'm excited for when I do use it!

While browsing through some blogs, I came across a cloth-diapering knitter who cited a pattern for wool covers. Instead of designing my own, I'm going to be less impressive and buy a couple of patterns from Little Turtle Knits. Perhaps I'll use some of the untreated wool I bought?

I've come to the conclusion that Matthew is just a very slight sleeper during the "light sleep" stage of the sleep cycle and that it's developmental. Even when I'm holding him while he's sleeping I'll watch him go through the cycle, his eyes will move under his eye lids, he'll smile, then frown. Then suddenly his little eyes will pop open! I just don't know what to do besides accepting the fact that naptime may be rough for a while. I have a difficult time letting him "cry it out," but I am letting him spend more and more time entertaining himself. He is such a sweetheart, especially when he's had enough sleep. I just wish I knew how to help him have more sleep!


Patriot said...

Is the yarn made in the USA?

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Heidi said...

I love little turtle knits...