Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clothe Diapering Woes

I am so frustrated right now with our clothe diapers. I've been using the Mother-ease cloth diapering system for a couple of months now (before that we used prefolds), and everything has been going fine. Then the detergent we used changed to a concentrated formula and all heck broke loose. I used the concentrated formula and put in half of what I normally would, but following that wash Matthew got an awful rash all over his diaper area in places he never had a rash before-poor guy. I switched to disposable and the rash went away. I rinsed the diapers and tried them again. Another rash. We washed the diapers with a different detergent and tried them again. Another rash. I love my clothe diapers and the whole concept of using them, so all of this really frustrates me. Of course, it also makes me upset to see Matthew hurting. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Thanks again, Heidi, for your previous suggestions!)

In knitting news, I have completed two Lucy bags (from my own pattern) for a friend and her daughter, as well as one half of Fetching. I love the simplicity of Fetching and bought yarn for a pair for myself and a pair for a friend for Christmas (but I'm not telling who in case she's reading!). Hopefully I'll finish both pairs in the next couple of days and will be ready for Matthew's longies. He's actually too big for his six month clothes, so he desperately needs new pants anyways!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

You mentioned trouble getting the Handmade pledge on your blog. I just copied and pasted the code from the buy handmade website (clicked on the image to get to the page with the code) into a new HTML element in the right margin of my blog. I tried pasting it here for you but the comment field wouldn't accept the html.

Heidi said...

did I mention bleaching? I use it as a last resort, but it does zap the rash problem.....
I hope things get better for you.... you should check out the forums over at motherease, you can get a lot of good advice there too!