Saturday, October 20, 2007


...or not so much. Here is how closely I followed my little knitting schedule yesterday: I worked on my sock the entire day! Pat took the day off so we could go to Santa Fe to raise some hell about getting Matthew's birth certificate (they told us we'd receive it between 8-12 weeks and he's now 19 weeks old!). We finally got it, but on the certificate it says he was "registered" in the system yesterday. I seriously wonder how long it would take the state to register him if we didn't go in. No wonder people call New Mexico the "land of manana!" Ok, enough about that. Anyway, since the drive to Santa Fe is 45 min each way, I was able to get some good knitting done. Hey, at least the sock is a UFO and not a new project. :)

I have joined my first KAL: Fingerless Mitts for Fall. I have several patterns that I'm excited to try. Plus, it will help me crank out some Christmas gifts. I'm also in love...with this. I'm already planning on placing a yarn order next Friday. I decided on that day because it's the beginning of my credit card cycle. I can just see Pat's eyes rolling when he sees the amount of yarn being purchased on my credit carn statements! Ah well, he has his football videos!

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Heidi said...

good for you for following through! We had an issue getting K's birth certificate too and it really messed our taxes up took a lot of letters, phonecalls, and irritation to get it resolved...