Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FO High

Today I finished the asymmetrical strap bag (aka Lucy Bag) and was even able to felt it while Matthew was taking a nap. Since I used worsted yarn instead of bulky, it is a bit smaller than the first, but still really cute. I think that I'll save it to give as a Christmas present. It's times like these when I REALLY wish I had a working digital camera. I actually have one picked out, but we're waiting for it to go on sale. Anyway, finishing a project was so exciting that I got cracking right away on the Oz Vest. I finished the edgings, and now all I have to do is sew up the sides. Hopefully I'll stay on my "finished objects high" and complete it tomorrow before starting any new projects!

Yesterday Matthew had his four-month check-up, and it went really well. He hardly even cried for his shots! He is now 17 pounds and is in the 85 %ile for weight and 75 %ile for length! It's amazing considering he was only in the 5 %ile after he came home from the hospital. We must be doing something right!


Paula said...

I loved knitting the Lucy Bag. I also gave it as a present and it was very appreciate. Adding a button or other pin to point where the straps meet adds a nice touch, you might try it.

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I have some multi-colored buttons that I think I'll sew on in a kind of collage.