Friday, October 12, 2007


Today we took our walk mid-morning instead of evening. It seems as though something has been going on each evening this week that has gotten in the way of our walks. We may have to move them back to the mornings permanantly. It was a beautiful fall day, which got me thinking of all the ways I am blessed.

Sometimes when Pat gets home I take some time to vent to him about how my day has gone. I get frustrated with Matthew's 30-minute naps, I sit in our living room while nursing and look at our dog-chewed rug wondering when we're going to get a new one. There are always little things to be annoyed, frustrated and disgusted with. On our walk today I started to think about the BIG things and how truly fortunate I am: I have a beautiful son with whom to spend my day with and God has given me to raise on this earth (I had three miscarraiges before Matthew). I have a loving husband who is intelligent, passionate, and has a great sense of humor. My husband is also a wonderful dad! I am fortunate to have family so close: my in-laws live next door and my parents live 15 minutes away. My mom works about two minutes from my house and comes over whenever I need her help. I have a house full of life with two dogs, two cats, and a baby. I have a home and (way to many!) possessions that bring me comfort. I hope to always remember the "big picture" and how God has blessed me.

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