Sunday, December 2, 2007

Two Down, Many More to Go!

On Wednesday I finally finished my mitts for the Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL swap. My swap partner is Angelika, and I sure hope she likes the mitts! I'll be sure to post pictures, along with the details about the pattern, once sue receives her package. I'm excited to receive her package--it's like an early Christmas present, plus I love surprises!
Im feeling a little stressed about the holidays and getting everything knit up in time. Last week I whipped these up for the baby next door:

They're "Mary Jane Booties" from a little knitting brochure I picked up at the grocery store a couple years ago. They probably took me about two hours to do. I used one of my favorite yarns, Debbie Bliss Baby Casherino.

I've been feeling a little lonely lately. I try to get out of the house with Matthew, but this past week has been pretty cold and rainy, so we haven't gone on many walks. I can definately tell a change in my mood/additude when I'm not able to get some fresh air. I love snow, rain, and grey days, but since I've always lived in the southwest I don't think I could handle living somewhere where it snowed or rained a lot. I've never had the opportunity to experience it, but I wouldn't be surprised if I would be one to experience seasonal depression.

I love being home with my son, and I made the decision to do so, but sometimes I really crave some social interaction. I think that it's been especially difficult because I had an extemely social occupation as a teacher. I feel like I've gone from one extreme to the other. My day was also very scheduled as a teacher, and I find myself trying to make some kind of schedule at home. Of course, I don't force that schedule on Matthew, but it helps me to have some kind of plan for the day. I'm been reading the blog, Yarnstorm, lately, and I love how she focuses on the daily small blessings in her life (as many blog do). I'm also interested in her book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, but it's only sold out of the UK right now.

I thought I'd wrap this post up with a family pic from Thanksgiving:

(I can't wait to get my own camera so that there won't be such a delay on posting pictures!)

Have a fantastic week! :)


Benjamin said...

I know what you mean. Being able to get out makes a huge difference in my attitude. I had a really hard time last winter until I started going to the mall to walk around. Eldon loved it too. He would walk up and down (holding on to my fingers of course--he was so little then!) the hallways and loved the mirrors. Its sad that there isn't a mall close by here. All I can think of is Smith's, Bealls, or Hallmark. I'll try to keep thinking of some place warm where you guys could walk!

Paula said...

I love the booties. What a perfect present for a new baby.