Sunday, December 9, 2007

A New Endeavor

Right now (Tuesday morning) it looks like a winter wonderland outside. We finally got some snow--yippee! I say "finally," because the last couple of weeks the precipitation has been in the form of rain. I've lived in New Mexico for 17 years and never remember it raining in December (and they say global warming is a hoax--ok, I won't get political : ) ). The schools are on a 2-hour delay, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have a snow day. I know Pat would love that (as would I, for his sake)! So, Matthew's sleeping, Pat's shoveling, and I'm working on my blog. Sounds good to me!

Yesterday I was not in a very good mood due to being up most of the night with Matthew, when my package came from my mitts swap partner. It instantly put me in a good mood! Angelika sent me some AMAZING fingerless mitts. I don't have pics yet, but will post them as soon as they're downloaded. I'm wondering if she created her own pattern? She is incredibly talented, and I am fortunate to be on the receiving end of that talent. :) She also sent me a mug with chocolate-drink goodies, a sheep keychain, mini sock ornament, stitch markers, sock yarn, an oven mitt and yummy brownie mix. I have had a very positive experience participating in a swap, and I look forward to doing another one soon.

I also realized yesterday that there are only TWO weeks until Christmas instead of the three I thought there were! Yikes! I have no idea what I was thinking--wishful thinking, I guess. Now I'm a bit panicked because I have a number of knitting projects to complete. I'm mostly worried about Pat's sweater. He's been waiting for over a year for its completion, and I promised him it would be done by Christmas. Here is a little schedule to push myself a little more:
1.) By Friday evening: have WIPS (mittens and scarf) finished
2.) By next Tuesday: have Matthew's stocking complete
3.) By Christmas morn: have Pat's sweater complete.
Now that it's in writing, you need to hold me to it!

For a couple of years now, I've been seriously considering going for an MA and/or certification in special education. Since I have some time now, and need some intellectual stimulation, I've decided to pursue a special education licensure (the only masters programs are two hours away, which would be very difficult to do at this time. The licensure program can be done online). It's 21 credits and through Santa Fe Community College. Hopefully I'll be able to set up an advising program for next week so that I can start a couple of courses in January. I'm very excited for this. I've always been interested in special ed, have had some very positive experiences with the students in special ed (particularly severe needs such as Down Syndrome) who have been in my class, and it would also give me a way to (hopefully) would part-time when just having an elementary licensure wouldn't. So, wish me luck on this new endeavor!


Angelika said...

I'm glad you liked the package and it made it there in good condition. Seems like you get to enjoy those mittens right away. Here, we have about 80 degrees right now. Not so good for any kind of yarn.

Paula said...

Good luck working on the Sp-Ed licensure. I've heard great things about Santa Fe Community College. In fact I was thinking about getting my elementary licensure through them.

Benjamin said...

I think that is wonderful that you are continuing your education. I'm sure you'll do great. You mentioned that you have more time now. Is Matthew sleeping better? Hope so! I started giving Lilly solids a few days ago and she has had some better sleeping periods. I know they say that solids don't make a difference, but I just don't know...they seem to for Lilly.

Good luck with your new endeavor!