Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Excuse (Like I Need One!) to Wear New Mitts

I had my advising meeting this morning at Santa Fe Community College and am signed up for my first course, "Exceptionalities and Placement." It's an online course and will start in January. I am excited for a new educational opportunity. I'm also happy that I worked for a couple of years prior to seeking additional endorsements. Hopefully having spent some time teaching will help me keep perspective and have some experiences to draw from. This will be my first online course, so I hope that I have enough personal willpower/motivation to get everything in on time.

It's been pretty cold here, so the snow from a couple days ago hasn't completely melted away yet. The cold weather gives me the chance to wear these fantastic mitts that I wrote about earlier in the week from my swap partner:
And here is the rest of the contents from her package. I am one lucky swap partner! : )'m on my way to a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a new book (that I'll blog about after I get into it a little more). In closing, here are some WIPs that better be FOs by tomorrow evening if I'm to stay on schedule!

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