Friday, January 1, 2010

Thoughts During Walks Revisited

I created this blog nearly two-and-a-half years ago when Matthew was just a couple of months old. At the time we were going on VERY LONG walks, as it was just about the only way for him to get in a good nap. I would seriously walk around our neighborhood for one to two hours at a time! His napping got better, the weather got cooler, but we still got our walks in just about every day until I became pregnant with Ben. By then Matt was getting pretty big for the Ergo (plus it got difficult to carry him with my pregnant belly!), and he refused to sit for any length of time in his stroller. Also, I have to admit, I got a bit lazy.

So, I've been thinking about changing my blog's name. I've been going back and forth about this decision, and I'm glad I've decided to wait. The boys and I are getting out more now, and I'm enjoying my walks once again. This afternoon we went out for about an hour. Matt was in the stroller and Ben was in the Ergo. By the time I got home, both boys were asleep. Ben's now up and exploring our office while I type this, and Matt is still in the stroller (in the house). How I love not having twenty steps to climb before reaching our front door!

It's been cold here the past few weeks, and the snow from before Christmas is still on the ground. Typically, it melts soon after it has fallen due to our brights sunshine and fairly warm temps. I love the smell of fireplace smoke in the air, and there were tons of birds out looking for food (note to self: pick up a bird watching guide at the library!). My thoughts today were on my own past and how much I've come full circle: we walked passed a couple of ex-boyfriends' homes, the pool where I lifeguarded in the summers, a friend's house who passed away when we were eighteen. How things have changed: now I have two babes, a husband, a house, four pets, and a lot of history!

Now, I don't necessarily want to make "walking more" a resolution, but it is something that is being more and more incorporated into my life again. It makes me feel good, helps my boys rest, and helps me to gather my thoughts and have increased motivation. So...perhaps it is a New Year's resolution, then. I just don't want to jinx it!

On to crafting--
After seeing Ellie's great thermal cowl, I knew I wanted to make it. I even had the yarn the pattern called for in my stash. All the ribbing did take longer than I expected, so I was only able to make one before Christmas for a friend. I would like to make more, but I just need to remember to allow myself more time!

Several of my friends received these sweet crocheted caps. I found the pattern in the Winter 2007 Knit Simple magazine I had stashed away on my shelf. It was fun to do some crochet after weeks of working on the knitted Christmas stockings for the Advent calendar. I already have yarn picked out for a crocheted cap for myself!

I have many more resolutions, or perhaps I should call them "goals" or "ideas" for 2010, so there's much more to come! What are your New Year's goals? :)


Paula said...

The cowl is so fun - what a lucky friend you have. The hats are way cute too, if only I could crochet.

elliebelle said...

Love your thermis cowl!!! :) Great color. Also, those crocheted hats are so cute. Happy New Year!!