Monday, January 7, 2008

Here Comes Trouble...

It has been snowing all morning, and Matthew and I have been enjoying our time inside. He is crawling now, which puts life in a whole new perspective for him (and us)! It's been amazing watching him go from rolling over to sitting up to rocking to lunging to crawling. Pat and I were just talking about how excited we were when he first reached out and grabbed a toy. Now he wants to reach out and grab everything in sight! We spent the weekend "babyproofing" the house, but there are still many more things we need to do.

I've been somewhat frustrated with Matthew's sleeping situation lately (ok, for a while now). Basically, he'll only fall asleep when he's nursing or in his car seat. He usually sleeps for half an hour at a time, and lately we've had trouble getting him to sleep at night when we haven't before. When he wakes up in the middle of the night we bring him into our bed, so now he's in that habit and wakes up at 11:00pm on-the-dot. I'm having a hard time letting him "cry it out," but we're also not sleeping very well. I'm also concerned that he's not getting enough sleep during the day. I don't want to do anything drastic, but I think that something needs to change. Any suggestions are welcome!

I've been making progress on Lady Eleanor, but I've also been working on some other projects. I started the bobble bag (rectangular geometric bag) from One Skein, and probably would have finished had I not ran out of yarn. I even have some fabric for the lining! The bobbles and color of the bag remind me of (slightly out of focus) blueberries--yum!

Ihave a goal for next Christmas. Actually, I have a number of goals. I would really like to have an Advent calendar next year, and I found this pattern for mini stockings. For some reason I had a really difficult time with the first stocking! There were some abbreviations that I wasn't sure about, so I decided to make up my own meanings. Well, that didn't work. So, I had to stop being lazy for a moment, turn the computer back on, and look them up. It definitely helped the next time around! Anyway, I'd like to have enough stockings for the Advent calendar ready by next December, which means 2-3 a month. I have a good start with two!

Another goal is to work on some knitted gifts throughout the year instead of saving them up for December. Heidi is working on setting up a gift knitting KAL, so I'll keep you posted on when that's up and running. I always need extra motivation for long-term goals!

Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous post that I'm making Matthew's baby food. I feel that it's something positive to help keep our garbage waste down. It's also kinda fun!

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Bernadette said...

I love the bobble bag. I have One Skein, and now I'll have to try that pattern - it looks so cute, and I love that shade of blue.

Thanks for the link to the mini stockings, too - they are adorable!

Speaking of adorable, your son is gorgeous! I miss the little cuddly stage - my boys are 12 and 14 YEARS - no more cuddling now! :(

What sweater are you making for your hubby? I have wanted to make Cheesy Puffs (from knitty): but I also like the plain ribbed henley style.