Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Goals

Well, I already have a whole list of Christmas crafts running through my head and thought I'd better try to organize them somehow. What better way than on my blog--where at least I can be held somewhat accountable? You all will keep me in line when I put aside my (unfinished) Christmas knitting on December 20th to cast on for a new shawl for myself, right? Right. So, here are my goals so far:

Mini-stocking Advent Calendar: I started this with the hope of finishing for Christmas 2007. Well, two years have passed, and I only have four stockings. They are really quick to knit up, and I have tons of worsted weight yarn in my stash. Matthew's now at an age where he'd really have fun with this. Four down, twenty to go!

Sweater for Matthew: When I saw this Digger Sweater (Ravelry link), I knew I had to make it for Matthew. I even bought the book just for this pattern. (I haven't made anything from it yet, but Lucinda Guy's Handknits for Kids has such adorable designs. I especially like that the number of boy vs girl knits are just about equal; so many books are much more geared towards little girls!)

Sweater for Ben: I still haven't quite decided but really like this cabled sweater (another Ravelry link) from Knitting for Baby.

Stocking for Ben: a must!

Cabled Wrap: This is a design idea I have and want to try out. The recipient shall remain nameless since I want it to be a surprise!

Simple but Effective Shawl (fingering weight) or Silk Kerchief: for another mystery recipient. This is actually for a birthday present, but I thought that I might as well include it in my goals while I'm at it.

This is enough knitting for now, but there are several other smaller projects I'm interested in: hats, toys, and fingerless knits to name a few. Wish me luck and good luck on all of your Christmas goals!

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Paula said...

You are certainly ambitious, but I bet you can get it all done. I especially like the Advent calendar. Great Idea!