Saturday, April 25, 2009


In a nutshell: I'm still pregnant. Both my ultrasound and OB appointments went well on Thursday, so there wasn't any need to induce or have a c-section. Our little guy is quite big (they think about nine pounds!), but he's healthy and the placenta is still supporting him well. We have much to be thankful for. Having said that, I am READY to have him! It's been pretty tough here at the end carrying around nine pounds of baby, plus "high" levels of amniotic fluid, and running after a toddler. Since this will probably be the last time I'm pregnant (but never say never, right?), I'm trying to enjoy and cherish it, but again, I am READY for my sweet boy to come.


elliebelle said...

Can't wait!!! :)

Julia & Aaron said...

Katie, thanks so much for the comment. I loved the little update about how you are doing. It's exciting to hear about everything, but I don't want to pester you too much! It is hard to wait!:) I hope Ben comes before next Thursday too!