Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Preparation

I feel as if I'm now as prepared as I'm going to be for the *big* day that will hopefully arrive soon. All of our bags are packed, the house is at least semi-clean (thanks, Mom!), there are some frozen meals in the freezer, and I've finished the last of my baby knitting.

This afternoon I finally sewed the buttons on to the Harvey Kimono that I made for our new arrival. This is actually the second Harvey Kimono I've made (I made one for Matthew shortly after he was born), and even though all of the seaming is a beast, I just think that it's such a sweet pattern. I also love the yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery's Cotton Comfort. It is such a treat to knit with and the perfect yarn for baby garments. I highly recommend it! Underneath the sweater in the photo is a stroller quilt that my very talented friend made. I am very fortunate to have her in my life and be the recipient of such a sweet handmade quilt (thank you!).

A week and a half ago, during one of my ultrasounds, our little guy measured to weigh a little over eight pounds! I am thankful that he's a healthy size, but I have to admit that it scared me just a bit. I thought that for sure I would have had him by now, but here we are, still waiting. I have another ultrasound on Thursday and, based on that, my OB said that we'll "revisit our options." I am afraid that he'll push for either an induction or a c-section, neither of which we would like to do. Of course, we'll do what's best for the health of the baby and my own health, but we really have our hearts set on a natural birth. Please send prayers and thoughts our way for our little guy to come soon, preferably before Thursday. :)


Julia & Aaron said...

Katie, we're really excited for Ben to get here too. Sounds like you are all ready! Every time I visit your site, I look at the little ticker and you are getting so close!! Can't wait for pictures!:)

I understand not wanting to be induced or have a c-section. There are so many worries involved with having a baby, but it'll turn out fine! There is no reason to have you induced (except for the size of the baby at this point:)jk, so I bet you'll get your wishes.

Take care. We're thinking of you and praying for a healthy arrival!

p.s. We will be in Los Alamos from mid July to early August! Aaron will be working at the lab for a month. I'll get to hold Ben:).

elliebelle said...

Well, it's Thursday today, so I'm wondering if the big day has already come! I hope the best for you and can't wait to meet your new guy. Good luck Katie!

Andrea said...

Good luck, Katie! I'm excited for you...especially now that I know what motherhood is like. Can't wait to hear the news and see cute pictures!