Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Way to Use Wool

This Sunday has been particularly relaxing, especially in comparison with this past week. My husband's side of the family has been going through some difficult transitions, Halloween was hectic as usual, and Matthew's sleep habits have been less than ideal. But right now I have a pot roast cooking, Matthew's sleeping, and I have some time to write about what I've been up to in the crafting world--a subject that always makes me smile. :)

Lately I've been really interested in needle-felting, a craft that I had never tried before. After looking at all the beautiful and adorable examples on Etsy, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a kit. I ended up purchasing the Waldorf Wool Maiden Kit from Sage Dream Design (Amy was delightful to do business with, had VERY fast shipping, and was quite generous with the amount of roving included in the kit). I received the kit last Saturday and spent every spare minute I had over the weekend working on the doll. I had SO much fun, and it took me back to my corn-husk doll making days in early elementary school. I learned a lot from the instructions, but my favorite part was embellishing the dress and making her my own. I also made a little pumpkin from the leftovers.

During my search for needle-felting ideas, I came across the magazine, Living Crafts. I highly recommend this magazine to any craft-lover, but it especially seemed to be focused on making crafts for and with children. I found it at Borders, but the magazine's website has a list of retailers. The fall issue that I picked up had a number of needle-felting projects including a family of hedgehogs (complete with a story to tell your children) and a pumpkin house. I didn't have enough orange roving for a pumpkin house, but did manage to make a little hedgehog.

I am excited to purchase more roving and experiment with new projects!
Halloween was basically a bust with Pat coaching a game, me working, and Matthew only making it to one house before throwing himself on the sidewalk in tears. I have not been able to snap a pic of him in his bear costume yet, but in keeping with the political climate I thought I'd share with you this picture I took at the local pumpkin glow.
By the way, we made it a famiy event and voted yesterday. I am happy to say that I exercised one of my rights and duties to this country (plus I don't have to deal with the crowds on Tuesday!). Have a terrific rest of your weekends!

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Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

Oh my goodness you are so talented! I am so impressed you made those - I've been thinking of trying needle felting to add some decorations to a pair of felted clogs but I haven't been brave enough yet =)