Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My first Mother's Day was quiet and relaxing (similar to my birthday), but again, it's just what I wanted: sleeping in, going to church, finishing up my mom's present, having a small BBQ with my parents, having a movie night with my husband. We watched Juno, which I think was an appropriate Mother's Day film. Now I know why the movie received such high praise--I had much sympathy for all of the characters, and I liked how the issue of adoption was explored. I could relate to Vanessa, the adoptive mom, and her longing for a child. The director did a great job presenting a delicate issue.

Last night I finished my first crocheted garment: "Ring a Round the Posie" from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2008. It was a pretty fast project, and I enjoyed working on something different. About half-way through I didn't think I would like it, let alone actually wear it, but after I finished, my opinion changed. It actually doesn't look half-bad on! (I did take some pics of it being worn, but they were horrible--consider yourselves "spared").
Now I have finished two larger projects for myself while Pat has been waiting for a sweater for about a year and a half. I also owe him a completed counted cross stitch piece that I started over a year ago. So, next up: the Cobblestone Pullover. My goal is to complete it, as well as the cross stitch, by Father's Day. Hopefully I won't get side-tracked! :)

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Paula said...

Congrats on your first crocheted garment, it is really cute. I'm glad you enjoyed your first Mother's Day. Check out my blog, I tagged you in a meme.