Tuesday, April 15, 2008


...The elegant, yet earthy, Lady Eleanor! All the stats will be up on Ravelry (eventually), but I'll give you a little summary: I used Noro Silk Garden for this beautiful Lady Eleanor Stole designed by Kathleen Power Johnson. The pattern can be found in Scarf Style by Pam Allen. It was a very satisfying knitting project. I did take some time off during February, so in all it took me about four months to knit--off and on. It is cozy, soft, rustic and sophisticated all at the same time--I just love it! BTW: the fringe took me longer than I projected--about four hours of very tedious work. It was, however, very meditative.

I was feeling a little under-the-weather yesterday, so she kept me nice and warm and cozy.


Julia & Aaron said...

It's beautiful, Katie! It looks so soft and cozy. I'm glad it kept you company:) when you weren't feeling well. Hope you're doing better!

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

Lady E is so pretty! What a lovely color you chose and it knit up so fast, I had no idea you were even working on one! =)

Kathy said...

Katie! HI. Bernadette sent me over. You have a lovely peacful blog! Im coming back!

Lady E. e" is great.

As for the GIRL cheese as my kids called them when they were little.
Try very low heat. Try margy instead of butter. Margy has the oil that makes it less likely to burn I think.
My kids also called 2% MILK, SUPERSCENT milk.