Monday, April 7, 2008

March Summary, Goals for April

Well, DH went back to work today after a week off for spring break. I feel like I always have grand plans during any kind of break, but nothing much usually materializes. It's also so much different now with a baby: even though Pat's on break, I'm never on break! I tried to squeeze in an hour here and there during nap times, but I honestly think I may be even more lazy when Pat's home! Having him home gives me an excuse to relax, sit around, and just hang out. I even saved my homework until the very last minute! We did get some yard work done, though. We built a planter for a vegetable garden, and I planted some raspberry plants and vinca minor.

After realizing how little I accomplished this past week, I decided to post a "to do" here for the month of April. This way maybe I will be better at holding myself accountable. Plus, I usually need that list and competition, even with just myself. I also thought that I could sum up the previous month's accomplishments, or lack thereof. So, without further ado...

Knitting/Crochet Projects Completed: none :(

Sewing Projects Completed: three mini-bags

Books Read: I am currently in the middle of Middlesex (no pun intended)

My Stormcloud: issues with our dogs--they have become more aggressive since Matthew has been born, mostly due to us not spending as much time with them. Our neighbors even put up a fence! We're trying to get them out more and help them feel like they're "part of the pack," but they're really driving me crazy and I don't trust them.

My Rainbow: Spending time outside again, especially going on walks.
(When I was in college one of my roommates asked us what our stormclouds and rainbows were each day. So, here's to you, Lins.)

For April:
Knitting/Crochet Goals: finish Lady Eleanor! Also, complete two small gifts to put towards my gift stash.

Sewing Goals: Complete quilted table-runner, mini diaper bag, and swap bag (more on this shortly)

Ok, so you're all going to hold me to these goals, right? ;)

Now, one item of news: I joined a sewing swap based on the book, Bend the Rules Sewing. I am going to make the "Pleated Beauty" bag from the book, and I need to send it to my swap partner, along with a spring dessert recipe, by the beginning of May. This particular swap is now closed, but there will be two more to come based on projects from the book. I know who my partner is, but I need to keep it secret until she receives her bag...I am really excited about this swap!


Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

Good luck with your goals! I hear you on the dog thing - I have my two dogs, no kids, but when I walk them together they get crazy when another dog walks by. Makes me nervous so I don't walk them anymore.

Bernadette said...

Have fun with your swap - it sounds like a nice one. I wish I could sew a bit better. There are so many great seamstresses who are knitters, too.

I'm sorry about your dogs. Interesting what you and Keri both have to say... We are having a dog trainer/behavior coach over on Sunday, as Spike has become more aggressive as time has passed. It is worst when he goes to the vet or needs uncomfortable things done (like ears cleaned, etc.) - he has started growling a bit and even snapping occasionally. Both the Vet and trainer said it will only get worse if left untreated, so we are confronting the issue with their guidance. I'll let you guys know how it goes...