Friday, March 5, 2010

Brotherly Love

Having a new sibling can be difficult, and we've had our fair share of jealousy and issues associated with Ben's arrival. Looking back, at 23 months old, Matthew was still a baby himself when Ben was born. Recently I've really been enjoying watching Matthew and Ben come to terms with each other. I'm sure they'll always have their moments, but I can already see their relationship blossoming as they interact more and more.

Dress-up has been very popular around our house lately. Matthew likes to tell us that he's "getting pretty." The other evening my mother told him, "no, honey, you're handsome." Matthew's response: "no, I'm pretty." I have to say that my husband, as a very masculine, football coach, meat and potatoes kind of guy, is taking all of this rather well. :)

Ben is the third little boy to wear the hat in the following picture. This kind of hand-me-down truly warms my heart. It makes me smile to think of the heads it's been on.


Andrea said...

I love those pics of your boys! So cute! Matthew is such a good big brother and Ben is just downright adorable.

Julia and Aaron said...

Such cute pictures (and boys), Katie! Sometimes I love having two kids. They play together and make each other laugh and sometimes I can't stand it--all the quibling and teasing and fighting about what to watch or what to read! I try to focus on the melting moments:).

Your pictures make me so homesick! I recognize Rover park! There is a possibility that we may come visit again this summer.:)

Julia and Aaron said...

p.s. I love the dress up! My kids like doing that a lot too!