Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Day of School

As a month has gone by since our Benjamin was born, I am just now finding time to sit down (without nursing), relax a little, and catch up on some of my more selfish activities like blogging, knitting, and reading.

Most of my days (and nights!) the past month have been filled with nursing children and trying to get them to sleep. Yes, I am tandem nursing right now, but that is a whole other post entirely... Anyway, besides those two activities I've been trying to keep myself fed, showered and rested. It's a mighty feat! I am thankful that I now have the experience to know that this period of sleep deprivation and all-day nursing doesn't last forever. Matthew has grown into a toddler so quickly that I have a daily reminder of how time flies. Despite the difficulties of having a two-year old and a one-month old, I'm trying to cherish each moment.

Today (Tuesday) Matthew started preschool, and I tried my best not to get teary-eyed. He enjoyed himself so much that I know it was the right decision. It's important for me that he gets out of the house, which is often difficult to do with Ben in tow right now, and has some of his own activities. It's only two mornings a week and is a small group, so I think that it will work out well. When he was at preschool this morning, Pat and I went out for breakfast together while Ben slept next to us the whole time. It was really nice having a little date with my husband! :)

Of course, I have to have some bragging pics of my boys. The pictures of Matthew are from this morning at his "First Day of School." (I'm becoming a very cheesy Mama...)


Julia & Aaron said...

What a cutie Benjamin is! Do you think he looks like Matthew or has his own look entirely? I don't see Matthew in him, but babies change so much and maybe he looks like Matthew's baby pics.

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well (understanding that newborns require a lot of attention and it is hard to have a moment to yourself!)

I'm glad Matthew had such a good time at preschool too! We're excited for this fall and to have Eldon try it out too! All the preschool programs around here don't operate during the summer...

elliebelle said...

Look at those cute chubby cheeks on little Ben! And Matthew is such a sweetie pie too. :) I can't believe you are tandem nursing - you must be exhausted!!!

Grace said...

Oh my goodness, what adorable little guys you have!