Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to Walking

After a long hiatus due to weather, a broken stroller, and wild dogs in the neighborhood, Matt and I are back to our daily afternoon walks. The weather has been beautiful here. When I walk I'm really able to notice all of the little changes of the season that show it's spring. Tiny buds are sprouting, I saw the first daffodils in our neighborhood yesterday, I've noticed birds picking up string and twigs for their nests, and I've even had a couple of insects land on me. I'm excited for spring and all the new life it brings. Matthew is also big enough now to be in the Ergo backpack-style. He enjoys it, and it's very comfortable for me. I actually like it more than the stroller (which still has a flat tire)! I also feel better prepared: DH bought me some pepper spray to carry on our walks because there have been loose dogs in our neighborhood, including a pitbull! Here we are ready to go (ignore our messy bedroom!):As mentioned in my previous post, I've been brainstorming designs for a mini-diaper bag. I want it to be small enough to be more portable than Matt's current diaper bag, but big enough to accomodate cloth diapers. First, I needed to practice making the bag with a lining, front flap, etc. I'm pleased with the results, but I'm sure I'll need a few more practice runs.Pros: I was able to plan the general shape and come out with an ok-looking bag. It has flannel inside instead of interfacing, so it's nice and soft, yet also sturdy. It's also pretty cute!
Cons: I accidently switched the fabric, so the outside fabric was really supposed to be the lining. Oops! The sides stuck out from underneath the flap, so I had to make some tucks.
Modifications for next time: learn from my lining mistake, make the tucks first before turning the bag rightside out, make a loop for carrying.

I'll be sure to let you know how the next turns out! Happy spring!

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Bernadette said...

Your mini diaper bag looks great! Hey, maybe you have a hot new product you can sell on Etsy! I agree with you about Spring - I am so glad it's here! I'm tired of the winter doldrums, and I am ready for sunshine and flowers! Have a great weekend!